Kat  Williams

After a fulfilling career of 12 years in the Metropolitan Police, I decided to return to my original love of working with animals. I volunteered at Rescue Centres and worked with horses as a child, and then studied for a Biology and Psychology FdSC at Exeter University. I worked as a Veterinary Nurse and continued volunteering, so returning to work with animals seemed a natural thing to do. I have volunteered at the National Animal Welfare Trust and Battersea Dogs Home, and work currently work with Breed specific rescues. I love training dogs, but especially Rescue Dogs - my two are still a work in progress!

Why Positive Training?

Dog Training as an industry is undergoing some major changes, including the movement towards "Positive" training methods. I am a firm proponent of the ethos behind this, because what I teach will always be rooted in researched scientific methods, not anecdotal evidence. In a nutshell:

  • I will always avoid the use of intimidation, punishment or fear in training. 

  • I will promote understanding of modern dog theories, such as the often misunderstood concept of dominance.

  • I will always aim to find the dog's particular motivation, creating mutual benefit for both the dog and owner.  

  • Training should be fun for everyone involved!

Assured and Accredited

Although the dog training industry is largely unregulated, I have worked hard to consolidate my skills and experience with academic and recognised accreditations. I am always continuing to increase the depth and breadth of my knowledge, I have completed a degree in Canine and Feline Sciences at Northampton University. 

  • Fully CRB/DBS checked

  • Fully insured for public liability 

  • First Aid Trained, Canine

  • First Aid Trained, Human!

  • IMDT 2 day Career Course

  • IMDT 4 Day Group Class Course

  • IMDT Perfect Puppy Course

  • Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management

  • Canine Aggression - Ian Dunbar

  • Full Member of the IMDT -  

  • Full Member of the APDT -  

  • Full Member of the ABTC - Click here for info

  • Qualified Bronze level scentwork Trainer with UK Scentwork

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