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Kat Katrina Williams Dogworthy puppy training

Katrina Williams, Owner, Head Trainer and Behaviourist

I have been training and learning about animals of many species for over 20 years, volunteering at various Animal Rescue Centres and keeping a variety of pets. I studied Biology, Zoology and Psychology at degree level at Exeter University, then  worked as a Veterinary Nurse and other animal related jobs. I then embarked on a varied career in the Metropolitan Police Service. After 12 years I took a break and I returned to my original love of working with animals, a natural thing to do. I have volunteered at the National Animal Welfare Trust and Battersea Dogs Home, and work currently work with Breed specific rescues. I love training dogs, but especially Rescue Dogs - my two are still a work in progress!

I feel it is important to have hands on skills as well as academic knowledge, I hold an FDSc in Canine and Feline Industries from Moulton College/Northampton University, and a First Class BSc in Applied Animal Behaviour from Sparsholt College/Portsmouth University.


My dissertation research has recently been nominated for Dissertation of the Year with the BBS, in which I proved the concept of visual training increasing the attentional focus of dogs on their owners. 


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Why Positive Training?


Dog Training as an industry is undergoing some major changes, including the movement towards "Positive" training methods. I am a firm proponent of the ethos behind this, because what I teach will always be rooted in researched scientific methods, not anecdotal evidence. In a nutshell:

  • I will always avoid the use of intimidation, punishment or fear in training. 

  • I will promote understanding of modern dog theories, such as the often misunderstood concept of dominance.

  • I will always aim to find the dog's particular motivation, creating mutual benefit for both the dog and owner.  

  • Training should be fun for everyone involved!

Studying dogs books learning

Assured, Insured and Accredited


Although the dog training industry is largely unregulated, I have worked hard to consolidate my skills and experience with academic and recognised accreditation.


I am always continuing to increase the depth and breadth of my knowledge, I have completed a degree in Canine and Feline Sciences at Northampton University, and am currently topping up a BSc in Applied Animal Behaviour at Sparsholt University.​

Dogworthy holds full, current public liability and indemnity insurance via Clivertons. 


Full Member of the IMDT  |  Full Member of the APDT  |  Registered with the ABTC  |  FDSc  Psychology/Zoology - Exeter University  |  FDSc Canine & Feline  - Moulton College

Continued Personal Development

Fully CRB/DBS checked |  Fully insured for public liability  |  First Aid Trained, Canine  |  First Aid Trained, Human!  |  IMDT 2 day Career Course  |  IMDT 4 Day Group Class Course  |  IMDT Perfect Puppy Course  |  IMDT Dog Aggression Course  |  Compass Advanced Diploma in CBM  |  1 day UK College of Scentwork  |  2 days Sniffer Dogs UK  |  2 x Chirag Patel Seminars  |  Canine Aggression 5 day - Ian Dunbar

Staff and assistants....


Preerthi Surendra     Trainer


Preerthi has been working with and training dogs professionally since 2018. Her interest in canine behaviour started when she brought her own German Shepherd puppy home nearly 4 years ago.


She is currently working towards her IMDT/ APDT Qualification and hopes to become a qualified behaviourist in the future.


She particularly enjoys working on Scent Work courses and helping new puppy owners in our Puppy Courses. 

Her speciality is, of course, Shepherds of all kinds!

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Alanna Scanlan      Trainer and Behaviourist


Alanna has been around dogs since the age of 11 and has been training professionally for two years. She is a member of the IMDT and an Approved Instructor for the Dog Training College. As well as volunteering at the Dogs Trust Dog School teaching owners and their puppies essential life skills, she has enjoyed assisted and teaching at Dogworthy in group classes covering many different subjects such as rally obedience, heelwork to music and trick training.


She especially enjoys working with border collies and cockapoos and shares her life with Inca, a border collie x german shepherd.