121 working during COVID19 Lockdown

In accordance with advice from the CFSG, which is as close to government regulation for our industry as we have, we will convert all our 121 consultations to Zoom consultations, unless they meet one or more of the following criteria:


  • We are working on aggression, which left untreated may pose a risk to human health
  • We are working on a behavioural issue which, if left untreated, may pose a risk to the animal's welfare
  • We are working on behaviours time critical to stages of the animal's development, such as time critical puppy training socialisation
  • We are working on content previously addressed online ineffectively
We will be contacting you well in advance of your session to ensure arrangements are confirmed, so please be patient with us, we are inundated with queries at present.
All previous terms and conditions and cancellation policies in place at the time of booking will be in place. 

General Notes on In Person Sessions during Lockdown Conditions

  • You MUST NOT attend any session if you, or any of your household are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19

  • Sessions will take place at a secure, outdoor location minimising non essential travel for clients and instructors.

  • We will sanitise hands and equipment etc prior and subsequent to attendance, and ask that you to do the same.

  • Masks will be worn during indoor sessions, if you feel more comfortable wearing one for outdoor sessions, do let us know and we are happy to oblige. 

  • Your details given at the time of booking will be passed to NHS Track and Trace where requested as we will have been in close contact if the session was conducted indoors.

  • We understand that you will all want to learn, however please limit the number of people at each appointment to ONE person. 

Thanks so much for your co operation and understanding during these strange times!

Risk assessments for all scenarios are available on request. 

For more dog specific guidance, and to see where we are getting our information from, please see the links below:




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