GROUP CLASS WElcome pack - June 2020

Here’s what you need to know before attending Dogworthy Classes…

Before Class:

  • Treats - Bring with you lots of treats for your dog – you can bring their usual food, but also please bring some others of varying scrumptiousness. This will help you motivate them throughout the class. We do also sell treats - 50p per bag or 5 for £2, make payment online after the class. Try cutting down the dog’s food for the day of the class – this way they won’t get too much food and will be extra motivated to do well in class!

  • Toys – Always bring a toy or two, and a toy such a Kong stuffed with food. This will help occupy your dog when the humans are doing boring talking bits. Please leave squeaky ones at home though, this can be really distracting for some of your classmates!

  • Collars/leads - Personally I prefer a dog in a harness, neck injuries and straining can cause arthritis in later life, whilst we strive to learn the perfect loose lead walk(!) it might be better to be safe than sorry. If not, a flat collar is fine. No choke/prong/noose/flexi-leads. It helps if leads are long enough to touch the ground when slack, we do sell approved walking leads and long lines. 

In Class:

•    Arrivals – please try to arrive 10 mins early and have a mooch around outside the venue, this will decompress your dog from time in       the car and get you and them nice and relaxed ready for fun and learning. If you are late, please don’t come straight in, leave the            dog in the car and catch the trainer’s attention, enter when they say it is a good time.


•    Meeting other dogs - Ideally all dogs are friendly all the time in class, however even I confess to having grouchy days and I don’t           like everyone I have met. Classes should be fun and safe for all dogs, so I have an on-lead at all times policy. Please only let your          dog approach other dogs it knows and is comfortable with, and even then only for a two second meet and move. This will be                  covered in class but prevents obsessive staring etc and promotes good manners, ensuring concentration from all dogs during class.


     All the family are welcome in class, in fact it can be great for everyone to learn and be consistent with your pup. It usually works             that one person has the treats, lead and dog at any one time, and then you can take it in turns. However, if children under 16 are             attending, please note there can be lots of talking they can find it boring, so perhaps bring (dare I say it) a book or an ipad etc for           them to amuse themselves. Please closely supervise – don’t let them approach any other dog, don’t let them run around, or distract       anyone else. Teach them to ask the owner of any dog if it is ok to pet the dog, and respect their answer. 

•    Leavings – there will be specified areas for dog toileting, please respect our facility and pick up after your dog, pretty coloured bags are available on request.

•    Dogworthy sells treats, harnesses, toys, long lines and leads. Everything we stock is recommended by our trainers. Let us know if there is anything you would like to source, sometimes we are cheaper than Pets at Home!

•    Most importantly, please bring a sense of humour! We want both you and your dog to have fun and enjoy :)

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