Criteria for working in person during covid 19

This guidance has been formulated in line with the guidance issued by CFSG.ORG and Dogworthy risk management protocols. It intended to manage the risk between public health concerns regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, and risks posed the cessation of dog training. It may be subject to change without notice.

1. The session must be to work on a topic that could pose a risk to the dog, owners or the public if not addressed in a timely fashion. 


2. The session must only cover work that has been previously instructed either online or in person but has been incomplete or ineffective. 


3. Both the professional, the handler and members of the handler's household must be free from any symptoms associated with COVID-19, for the preceding 14 days.

4. Only one handler per session is recommended unless the issue dictates. 


5. The professional and the handler must adhere to all government advice regarding social distancing at ALL TIMES, such as keeping at least 2 meters apart, using disinfectant wipes before and after the session, and using appropriate or available PPE. 


6. The professional will not touch the handler's dog unless for safety reasons and the handler will not approach the stooge dog. 


7. The session will be held as the handler's daily exercise.


8. Sessions are limited to 45 minutes. 


9. The session must be held in a private enclosed area, pre-arranged, at a location as close to the handler's home as possible. 

Any and all bookings are made with full understanding that these, and other measures will be strictly adhered to, and subject to change. 

At this time all bookings are only confirmed when agreed by Dogworthy. It is the responsibility of ALL parties to inform the other if any situation changes. 

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