Here at Dogworthy we want training to be fun as well as effective, however we have some guidelines and house rules that you need to be aware of in order to make our classes comfortable and safe for everyone. Many of them are also necessary for insurance purposes.

1. It is your responsibility to tell the trainer if your dog has had ANY aggression or reactivity issues in the past, either with dogs or humans or otherwise. This will not always preclude you from attending class, but extra precautions can keep everyone safe.

2. You must make every effort to keep yourself and those with you such as children safe. This includes not approaching or touching any other dog without explicit consent from the owner.


3. Instructions from the trainer must always be adhered to. Anyone not complying with instructions relating to safety will be asked to leave the venue.

4. Any children (those under 16) MUST be closely supervised by an over 18 at ALL TIMES. Permission must be given by the instructor for children to be in control of any dog, including their own, each and every time.

5. Welfare of all dogs present is paramount. If at any point you feel your dog (or you for that matter) needs a break, a drink, or cannot continue for any reason, please immediately withdraw and let the trainer or assistant know. Harsh handling and mistreatment of any dog will not be tolerated.

6. Dogs must be kept under control at all times during attendance at the venue. They will be kept on lead at ALL TIMES, and when in doubt do not approach unknown dogs. We employ the 2 second greeting rule even when dogs are friends.

7. Dogworthy reserves the right to remove any dog or trainer they deem to be unsuitable for a particular class, for any reason. Any and all welfare issues will be addressed at the time.

8. Please respect our venues, clean up after yourselves and your dog at all times.

9. Please wear weather-appropriate clothing – we do have access to indoor facilities for inclement weather but many activities will need to take place outside.

10. Dogs are to wear preferably a harness, but if not a flat collar and lead. No choke or slip devices are allowed. Dogs are to remain on lead at ALL TIMES throughout the class.

11. All Training abides by the Dogworthy and APDT and IMDT code of ethics, and as such positive trainig methods will be used at all times. Again, rough treatment or handling will not be tolerated. Dog welfare will always come first.

12. Please note class times/venues may be subject to change, to mutually acceptable times or refunds will be given.

13. In cases of non-attendance, refund will not be made. This is to ensure accurate planning, a strict small class size is a benefit of this class.

14. Please note all classes are to be pre-booked, and will be booked on a first come-first served basis, and block-booked clients will always take precedence.

By ticking the box or attending any Dogworthy Classes you agree to adhere to the terms and conditions of participation, agree that participation is at your own risk and agree that Dogworthy OR the venue are not responsible for damage, accident or injury to person, property or dog.

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