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Hoopers: The Ultimate Canine Playground!

What is Canine Hoopers?

Canine Hoopers is a fun and low-impact dog sport that promotes physical activity and mental stimulation. Unlike traditional agility, Hoopers involves navigating a series of hoops, barrels, and tunnels, providing a more accessible and inclusive experience for dogs of all ages, sizes, and abilities.

Why Choose Canine Hoopers for Your Dog?

1. Improves Physical Fitness

Hoopers encourages your dog to move through a series of obstacles, enhancing their agility, speed, and overall physical fitness. It's a fantastic way to keep your dog active and healthy.


2. Boosts Mental Stimulation

Navigating the course requires focus and problem-solving, offering excellent mental exercise. This helps keep your dog’s mind sharp and can reduce boredom-related behaviors.


3. Strengthens Your Bond

Training and running a Hoopers course together fosters teamwork and communication between you and your dog. This shared activity can significantly strengthen your bond and improve your dog's obedience.


4. Inclusive and Low Impact

Hoopers is designed to be accessible for all dogs, regardless of age, size, or physical condition. The sport’s low-impact nature makes it an ideal choice for senior dogs or those recovering from injury.


5. Encourages Socialisation

Joining a Hoopers class or community offers great opportunities for your dog to socialise with other dogs in a controlled, positive environment. This can help improve their social skills and reduce anxiety in new situations.


6. Fun for Both Dog and Owner

With the sport growing fast there will opportunities to compete at various locations!

Ready to start your Canine Hoopers Journey?

Designed to give you & dog an introduction to the world of Hoopers and foundation skills, our 6 week introduction course will get you ready for PAYG progression classes! 

These classes are for dogs who are generally friendly and comfortable around other dogs, but do get in touch if yours isn't!

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