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Mantrailing Workshops


The best game of hide and seek you'll ever play!

Our mantrailing workshops will help to unlock your dogs potential, a great activity for dogs of any age, Mantrailing is an engaging and low impact sport that taps into your dogs natural instincts.

What is Mantrailing?


 Mantrailing is a specialised canine activity that harnesses a dog's incredible sense of smell to locate a specific person's scent trail. It's a thrilling and mentally stimulating exercise that not only satisfies your dog's natural instincts but also builds confidence and strengthens the human-canine connection.



Lead by the fabulous Diane Kasperowicz, you and your dog will work as a team to utilise  their incredible sense of smell and hunt down a missing person based on their scent. Fully accessible to all people and dogs, regardless of age, breed, confidence or level of reactivity. Dogs are worked individually and given plenty of time to rest between trails.

Ready to start your mantrailing adventures?

Workshops run from 10am - 3pm so book now to secure your place!




  1. Suitable for all ages/breeds/levels of friendliness however please do let us know if your dog is uncomfortable around other dogs or humans so we can arrange the day to maintain everyones comfort levels.

  2. Terms and conditions apply

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