Dogworthy Group Classes

Course of 6 classes – £120


Series 1: Puppy Primer 

  • Get off on the right paw with your new pup. Teach your pup how to be confident in new situations with a solid start in foundation training. 

  • Socialise your pup with other dogs in a controlled, safe environment.  

  • FULL syllabus covered:​

    • Sit Stay Down

    • Settle and Stay

    • Loose Lead Walking

    • Recall

    • Manners

    • Mop Up – Q & A

  • Work towards your APDT Good Companion Puppy Award

  • Certificate on completion

  • Suitable for pups up to 20 weeks, depending on breed and experience, contact us to discuss. 

Series 2: Puppy Progress

It's not just for Puppies!

  • Perfect the behaviours learned in Primer and ensure your dog will listen to any time, any where, with any distraction:

    • Stay where I put you!

    • Loose Lead Walking wherever we go!

    • Come back when I call - whenever I call! 

    • Leave food/toys/whatever I ask for alone

  • Catch up on missed socialisation and help your dog be confident around other dogs in a safe environment

  • Work towards the APDT Good Companion Progress Award

  • Certificate on completion

  • Suitable for all who have completed Primer, or had an appropriate 121 session with us, and are friendly with other dogs, contact us if you are unsure, or if they have been nervous, barky or aggressive in the past.  

Series 3: Onward Hound

  • Take your training to the next level with a mixture of obedience, trick training and fun exercises

  • Work towards the APDT Good Companion Progress and Jubilee Awards

  •  Rolling syllabus covering 2 revised and 2 new skills each week, including

    • Heelwork​

    • Advanced Recall

    • Retrieves

    • Boundary Games

    • Trick Training

  • Suitable for those who have completed Progress, or have been assessed via 121 and want to continue the training relationship with your dog

  • Classes subject to availability, missed classes may be carried over when further terms booked, see terms and conditions 

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