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Dogworthy Group Classes

  • Fully qualified, accredited and insured instructors

  • Small class sizes

  • Access to exclusive Dogworthy groups, discounts and offers

  • Private training ground at Dogworthy HQ, Cayton Road, UB6 8BJ, map here

  • Booking terms and conditions can be found here

See our Welcome Pack here for what to expect!


Puppy Primer Group Class

  • Get off on the right paw with your new pup, teaching them to be confident in new situations with a solid start in foundation training. 

  • Socialise your pup with other dogs in a controlled, safe environment.  

  • FULL syllabus covered including:​ Sit/Stand/Down, Settle and StayLoose Lead Walking, Recall, MannersQ & A

  • Full weekly handouts

  • 24/7 trainer support

  • 12 month access to the Zigzag Trainer App

  • Certificate and Bandana on completion

  • Suitable for pups up to 6 months at age of commencement, depending on breed and experience, contact us to discuss.


Progress Group Class


It's not just for Puppies!​

  • Perfect behaviours learned in Primer or begin your training journey with Dogworthy's Progress Course 

  • Ensure your dog will listen at any time, any place, with any distraction

  • Catch up on missed socialisation and help your dog be confident around other dogs in a safe environment


  • Class topics include: 

    • A trip to the park​

    • A visit to a friend's house

    • Handling, Home Care and the Vet

    • Settling in the pub/cafe

  • Handouts and access to online material

  • Certificate and Bandana on completion

  • Suitable for all dogs who have completed Primer, or any other friendly, relaxed dogs over 6 months. Contact us if you're just starting out with training with us.

Obedience Game

Series 3: The Obedience Game

  • Take your training to the next level with a mixture of obedience, trick training and fun exercises centred around the sport of Rally!

  • Consolidate old skills & learn new ones as a Group, then go round a new Rally Course each week, supervised by our Fab trainers!

  • Pay As You Go - £20 or £100 for 6 classes*

  • Work towards the APDT Good Companion Progress and Jubilee Awards

  •  Rolling syllabus covering 2 revised and 2 new skills each week, including

    • Heelwork​

    • Advanced Recall

    • Retrieves

    • Boundary Games

    • Trick Training

  • Suitable for those who have completed Progress, or have been assessed via group assessment or 121 and want to continue the training relationship with their dog. Link for group assessment below.

  • Classes subject to availability, missed classes may be carried over when further terms booked, see terms and conditions

Pay Per Class - £20
Purchase 6 Classes for £100

Charlie - Spaniel Walking .jpg
Spud - Heel Postion .jpg

Take your pick:
Classes are 12.30am on Sundays

If you haven't trained with us before - call us to have a chat!

* Classes must be taken within 90 days or 10 offered classes, whichever is longer

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