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Where we are

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Training Venue

Northolt Rugby Football Club

Cayton Road



Follow the path to the LEFT as you drive in for the car park. To find us, walk back the way you drove in, past the gate and we're in the grey cabin in front of you. 

Classes are either held on the green in front of the car park, or in front of our cabin.


If the gate is closed on arrival for a 121, please come on in and close it behind you. 


Opening Hours

Mon - 

Tues - 

Weds -

Thurs - 

Fri - 

Sat - 

Sun -

8am – 8pm



8am - 8pm

8am - 12pm

8am - 3pm

12pm - 8pm

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Please note we are often teaching clients or running group classes, especially at weekends and can't take calls. The quickest way to get in touch with us is usually by sending us an email, and we will aim to get back to you within our next working day!

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