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Dogworthy is excited to announce our Scent Work Series 1 is BACK!

Turn your pet dog into the ultimate detection dog...



We do not have have dates for this course at present, click below to find out when the next dates will be or to express an interest

Qualified with UK Sniffer Dogs, Dogworthy is pleased to present our NEW Scent work Series. Comprising of Introductory Workshops and 6 week courses, then Pay as You Go classes,  Dogworthy will teach you the skills to take part in Scent Work Trials held by UK Sniffer Dogs held nationwide. 

Scent Work is a popular, upcoming sport based on the real life detection skills of police, customs, explosive and medical detection dogs. Whether you want to teach your pet dog to find your lost wallet, or just have some more fun, we can equip you with the knowledge to train your dog. 

Scent work is excellent for enriching life of your dog, alleviating boredom, creating trust and strengthening the your bond. It can help with many behavioural problems, speak to us about 121 training for reactive dogs. Harnessing the power of the dog's nose will open up a world of opportunities for your dog and you.

Series 1 Scent Work Course

Our 6 week starter course will take you from Zero to Hero, covering odour recognition, the indication and handling skills. We will teach you to search in a variety of environments, culminating in our Challenge Session. 


Suitable for puppies over 14 weeks of all breeds and abilities. If you have not trained with us before on our Primer or Progress courses, book in a pre group session to get up to speed with the skills you will need.  

NEW! The Scent Work Scocial!

When you have completed our Series 1 Course, you can join our Scent Work Social. This is a weekly drop in session, you can book per session, or you can book a block of 6. 

Each week, we will cover a different area of search - a skill or an environment, and you can test your improvement by attending our Challenge Sessions - informal competitions where you can have fun as well as learn. 

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