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Puppy dramas? We can help with chewing, biting, toilet training and sleep training. It's easy when you know how!

Adult 121 Training

Not all dogs are comfortable in a group environment, not everyone can make class times and not all issues are right for a group class. It's ok! Perhaps your dog is nervous or you don't know where to start, it's ok, start here. If you have a puppy, click here!

If you have a simple training issue such as needing basic obedience, pulling on the lead, not coming back when called, then choose our Initial Session followed by a package of 121s. This will be with a suitably qualified trainer. If your problem is more complicated; perhaps your dog is anxious, aggressive, barks a lot or doesn't get on with people or other dogs, then our qualified behaviourist will do a full, in depth assessment and begin training, so start with our Behavioural Package. 

Initial Training Session

1.5 hour private session with a suitably qualified trainer, where we will take information about your dog's lifestyle, discuss what you want to achieve, and, most importantly, start training.

Treats and equipment provided  |  No surcharge for up to four dogs   |    Follow up email with handouts where relevant   |     Email support offered for one week after session  |    Home visits are available**


Behavioural Package

Behavioural issues are different from training issues. They can range from mild anxiety to extreme distress, and can include dog to dog or human  aggression. Problems such as separation anxiety, excessive barking, aggression, noise phobias, or lunging and barking at other dogs need to be approached differently. 

These types of problem often involve a more in depth assessment an plan to be implemented. Kat Williams holds several relevant degrees, is fully accredited as a behaviourist and have extensive experience with helping you and your dog, with over 1,000 dogs helped and counting. 

We will address how your dog may have developed these problems, factors that are maintaining the behaviours, and more importantly, how can you move forward and prevent them from continuing. 

Our aim is to give you the skills to continue progressing yourselves in real world environments, using effective but kind methods. It is possible you will need further sessions.

We will give you the full support you need to help your dog change emotions and behaviours, if necessary accessing a range of stooge dogs or people for subsequent sessions. 


Owning an aggressive or reactive dog can be an isolating experience. You may feel embarrassed or as if you've failed, or you may be at a complete loss. 

You are not alone! We are here to help, in a non judgemental way, and to support your journey to helping your dog.

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This service includes

  • Initial assessment questionnaire

  • Veterinary liaison 

  • Initial online consultation (1hour)

  • In person consultation (1 hour)

  • Follow up session (30 mins)

  • Access to online material 

  • Support for one month


Subsequent Session Packages

Although we aim to equip you with the skills to continue your training for life, it is likely we won't be able to learn everything we have to give in one session!

No one can guarantee how long it will take to train your dog (run for the hills if they try!), but we can give you a realistic idea during our initial sessions.

Subsequent sessions will help make sure your progress continues steadily, and can be maintained for life. There may be extra charges if stooge dogs, private land and assistants are required. 

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1 x 1h


3 x 1h


5 x 1h


10 x 1h


Can be taken weekly or every two weeks  |   To be taken within time limit shown on booking page  |   Follow up emails and handouts provided where needed  |  Support offered for one month after last session  |   *Home visits can be arranged - £10 surcharge per visit, must be within our catchment area and specified times, can be selected when sessions booked in*

Subsequent Packages
Behavioural Package
Initial Session

Online 121 Services

How it works...

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Dogworthy has offered online services for several years, offering quality training with benefits such as working in your dog's own environment without them getting over excited by our arrival. We can assess and coach you from a distance using our own stooges to demonstrate techniques, giving the same support we would give in person. Our 121 clients have frequently moved to online for follow ups, which keeps costs down and support up. 

We use Zoom conferencing, all you need is a smartphone and and an internet connection, it really is that simple. Contact us if you would like to arrange a test call. 

Start with a 1.5 hour session, fully researched via a comprehensive questionnaire, during which we can assess, plan, and begin training. Add a bespoke Behavioural Assessment and full written plan to guide your training for £45.


Continue with a subsequent training session. Check in with your progress and learn the next steps in your bespoke plan. 


Achieve your training goals with a set of 6  follow ups at only £45 per session. Book weekly or every 2 weeks. 


Online Services

What People Said: "I would highly recommend Kat as she has been fantastic. We used her for new puppy training, getting our dog ready for when we had a baby and dealing with dog on dog reactivity. In all cases, Kat has expertly guided us and enriched our dog ownership experience along the way. Kat has massively improved our ability to train our dog, keeping it clear and simple and yet able to back things up with the science. Thanks so much!" -  H & J, December 2022

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