Puppy Visits

Getting a dog is a huge commitment, so if you are not sure then we can have a chat to discuss what kind of dog may be suitable for your situation. We can ensure you get a puppy from a reputable source.​

First time dog owner? We can help with practical advice and physical assistance in all aspects of husbandry, from feeding to training issues. 

Puppy dramas? We can help with chewing, biting, toilet training and sleep training.


We understand that puppies can be stressful and difficult, fear not, we've seen it all and can support you throughout.​

Behavioural Support

Behavioural Issues are different from training issues. They can range from mild anxiety to extreme distress, and can include dog to dog or human  aggression. For problems such as separation anxiety, excessive barking, aggression, noise phobias.


These types of problem often involve a more in depth assessment an plan to be implemented. I am currently studying towards my accreditation to be a Clinical Animal Behaviouralist so please note I will refer you on if I feel this is the best way to help you. 

The consultation is 2 hours long and may involve a half an hour phone call assessment.

121 Training 

Not all dogs thrive in a group environment, and this is ok. Often people don't want to socialise either!

We can help by visiting you or meeting in a private and safe environment. Whether you have a specific training need or want the whole obedience package, contact us and we can arrange a plan of action.


We also offer a Rescue dog rehabilitation service, focusing on the needs of a dog that has come to need a new home for whatever reason.

Start from scratch with a whole training package, or improve basic skills with a single issue session. Stop your dog pulling on the lead, get him to come back to you, or just get him listening you!

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