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Group Classes During Covid

  • In order to afford as much protection as possible, all our classes are held outside. Wear warm, waterproof clothing, put a coat on your dog if necessary, and bring a blanket or mat for them to be off the wet grass. In the event of severely inclement weather, eg excessively high temperatures or heavy snow, we will revert to Zoom classes, but only if absolutely necessary. 

  • DO NOT ATTEND CLASS if you have experienced symptoms of COVID19 in the preceding 10 days, or if you are self isolating for any reason. It is your responsibility to ensure you inform us if this is the case. 

  • We have very low class numbers in order to minimise contact, however only one handler is to enter the training area per dog. We understand the whole family will want to learn, however if every dog came with three people, we would be a bigger gathering than a wedding!  

  • If others attend the venue with you, they MUST stay in the car park area and ensure they keeping a 2 metre distance from ALL others present. Please try not to allow the whole family to attend, there are online versions of the classes available so everyone can learn. 

  • Your details given at the time of booking will be passed to NHS Track and Trace where requested. You will also have to sign in on the NHS App where mandated to do so. The Club has a QR code that we encourage you to use.

  • Face coverings will not be routinely worn as it makes outdoor teaching very difficult, and can have an adverse effect on certain dogs, however if you would be more comfortable if we did, please contact us in advance and we can arrange for this to be the case. 

  • We will NOT be providing kit for you to use wherever possible, so please have your own leads, NOT FLEXI, long lines, toys, blankets etc. 

  • We have hand sanitation available and do encourage you to use it.

  • NOTE: apologies, but there are no public toilet facilities available at our venue for you to use

Please, please try to adhere to our rules as much as you can, they are there to protect all of us.
We want you to enjoy your training and interact with other owners, however we do not enjoy having to remind and insist you socially distance.
Thanks so much for your co operation and understanding!

Risk assessments for all scenarios are available on request. 

For more dog specific guidance, and to see where we are getting our information from, please see the links below:

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