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Dog Walking Services

New for 2023!

Not everyone loves parties, and not all dogs are suitable for daycare!

Dog Walker

At Dogworthy, we understand that although you will need someone to take care of your dog, doggy daycare and group walks aren't always the best idea for every dog. Busy group walks and daycare can cause some puppies to learn bad habits around other dogs; too much adrenaline and not enough rest causes your pup to forget their off switch. Boisterous unsupervised play can lead to frustration and over excitement in the park. Some can become anxious and nervous around other dogs, causing or increasing reactivity.


Not all dogs are social butterflies, and that's ok!


That's why we're excited to offer our exclusive walking/training consolidation service for our existing customers. This bespoke service is designed for those times when you can't be with your furry friend, or when you'd like us to take care of the training for you. Our trusted and fully-insured walkers will train in your home, or take your dog on a tailored walk and training session, providing 121 or small very group attention as required.

Our experienced staff will reinforce the training you've worked on together with us, making sure your pup is staying on track with their progress. You can have peace of mind knowing your dog is in good hands while enjoying the benefit of a consolidated service. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your dog's next walking/training consolidation session.


Dog Walking
  1. Sessions are usually 1.5 hours long and prices start at £35 per session, but we will discuss your individual needs with you. 

  2. Catchment area applies. Contact us for availability for other areas.

  3. Service for existing clients only, if you have not worked with us before you will need to have an Initial 121 session to form a training plan.

  4. New skills will not be introduced during these sessions, all training will be done in services shown on the 121 training page. There may be a requirement for you to book 121 services in conjunction.

  5. Terms and Conditions apply

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