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Myths and Methods

It seems for every training issue dog owners face, there is as much conflicting advice offered as there are people/websites/tv personalities to offer it. So how do you know which will really work?


Dogworthy is pleased to announce Myths and Methods, a series of workshops and seminars on common issues that many owners may struggle with. They are designed to be thought provoking and fun, separating fact from fiction and providing real life solutions to real life problems.

Run by Katrina Williams who has had extensive academic training coupled with a wealth of hands on experience of dealing with complex behaviour issues. We hope to pass on fully referenced, scientifically backed knowledge and skills to give you the confidence to begin to tackle these issues on your own. 

Comprehensive notes are provided, alongside access to exclusive video content and Facebook Groups where appropriate. 

Booking is essential, see individual dates for venue details. 


We do not have have dates for this course at present, click below to find out when the next dates will be or to express an interest

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Separation Anxiety

Is your puppy struggling to be alone? Is your rescue whining and crying when you leave? Complaints from the neighbours about barking during the day?


Separation Anxiety and related disorders are becoming increasingly common, and there seems to be a raft of confusing advice as to what to do about it. Using proven methods and fully referenced facts, we aim to dispel common myths, examining the causes, prevention and most importantly, how to help it.

This 2 hour seminar will be without dogs (I do appreciate the irony, if you are really struggling for dog care please contact us), comprehensive notes will be provided.

£22 per place, tickets are strictly limited.

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Resource Guarding

Guarding things is what makes some dogs very good at being dogs!

But when your dog is guarding food, toys, people and places inappropriately it can cause aggression and become dangerous, especially in a family home.

This is another problem that trainers and behaviourists are increasingly being asked to help with. This could be because owners are more likely to deal with the problem, or because popular but outdated advice is actually CONTRIBUTING to the growing problem. 

At Dogworthy we firmly believe that this problem can almost always be tackled, there is no reason for a family to live in fear, using patience and positive reinforcement techniques we can help to teach your dog to share!

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Dog Reactivity

Does your dog bark, lunge or bite other dogs? Are you one of the growing number of owners who would like to improve their dog's behaviour around other dogs?

This seminar (without dogs present) will examine reasons behind the behaviour, and give some practical advice on how to go about changing this behaviour in a force free way. 

Coupled with an assessment session, after attendance you will be able to join Dogworthy's Reactive Club to meet other like minded dogs and owners always in a controlled, safe environment to gradually work on your dog's reactivity.

Please be aware, all the issues above may still need the help of  a qualified and insured behaviourist. 

If you are not sure, or your dog is already showing aggression, 

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