Terms and Conditions for Class Attendance

V2.4 May 2020    

Here at Dogworthy we want training to be fun and effective, however we have some guidelines and house rules that you need to be aware of in order to make our classes comfortable and safe for everyone. Many of them are also necessary for insurance purposes.



1. It is your responsibility to tell the trainer if your dog has had ANY aggression or reactivity issues in the past, either with dogs or humans or otherwise. This will not always preclude you from attending class, but extra precautions can keep everyone safe.

2. Any children (those under 16) MUST be closely supervised by an over 18 at ALL TIMES. Permission must be given by the instructor for children to be in control of any dog, including their own, each and every time.You must make every effort to keep yourself (and those with you such as children) safe. This includes not approaching or touching any other dog without explicit consent from the owner.


3. Instructions from the trainer must always be adhered to. Anyone not complying with instructions relating to safety will be asked to leave the venue.


4. Dogs must be kept under control at all times during attendance at the venue. They will be kept on lead at all times, and do not approach other dogs. We employ the 2 second greeting rule even when dogs are friends outside of class.

5. Please respect our venues; clean up after yourselves and your dog at all times, poo bags are available on request.

6. Please wear weather-appropriate clothing; we do have access to indoor facilities for inclement weather but many activities will need to take place outside.

7. Dogs are to wear preferably a harness, but if not a flat collar and lead. No choke or slip devices are allowed, include harnesses that tighten under presure. No “flexi-leads” fixed leads only. Dogs are to remain on lead at all times.

8. It is your responsibility to ensure the trainer is informed of any injuries, illnesses or allergies PRIOR to the commencement of class. This includes preference of foods as trainers may offer your dog treats during training.

9. If your bitch is in season, please let us know as soon as you believe she may be. It may not preclude you from class but it can be very disruptive in certain circumstances.

10. All Training abides by the Dogworthy, APDT and IMDT code of ethics, and as such rough treatment or handling will not be tolerated. Dog welfare will always come first.

11. Please note class times/venues may be subject to change by Dogworthy.

12. Course cancellations: you may cancel a course with more than one weeks notice, subject to a £35 administration fee. Refunds will not be made with less than one week before the course inception, or after the commencement of the course. This is to ensure accurate planning, small class size are a unique benefit of our courses. If ANY discretionary refund is offered, all refunds are subject to the administration fee.

13. Package cancellations: Entire remaining courses or sessions may be refunded with one week’s notice, however a £35 administration fee and 25% of the remainder fees per month (or part thereof) taken will be charged due to the level of support offered.

14. By taking part in classes you agree that photographs and video may be taken of you and your dog and disseminated publicly. These images remain the property of Dogworthy. If you have any issues with this, please let your trainer know prior to your session.

15. Your information will be held and used only in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2019.

16. Lockdown guarantee - classes will be held online via Zoom, unless UK Government advice explicitly advises all hospitality/leisure/group activities can resume. We will offer a place on the live class at the time/venue as close to the Zoom class as possible. If you cannot or do not wish to attend, we will do our best to offer the online class at the same time as the live class. 

17. Photography and video are an integral part of Dogworthy online and in person classes. This material remains the property of Dogworthy, and may be used for promotional purposes. Please contact us if you have any privacy concerns.

By ticking the box/pressing the CONFIRM button/attending any class you agree to adhere to the terms and conditions of participation with Dogworthy, agree that participation is at your own risk and agree that Dogworthy OR the venue are not responsible for damage, accident or injury to person, property or dog.

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