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Zoom classes - How & Why

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Clearly, real life group class dog training is the ideal, considering the need for socialisation and the challenges of training in the presence of other dogs. However, over the first Lockdown, we quickly realised that online classes have their own huge benefits. Your pup will be able to pick up skills without distractions, really nailing the techniques before road testing them in the real world. We are able to demonstrate, then watch you closely, ensuring you are doing exactly what's needed to help your pup. 

You don't need too much space, you can work outside or inside, and you can leave your video off if you'd prefer, but remember we can't critique your technique if you do this! 

Before your session: Set up your camera/phone/PC so primarily we can see you and your dog, if we are to do practical exercises make sure you have some space where you can move your camera so we can see you both standing. If it's a choice between seeing you OR your dog, we'd probably rather see your dog!  


If you are unsure, contact us WELL before your appointment to arrange a test call. Note it can be difficult to help people connect after group classes have started, so please test links in good time. 


During your session: It might help to have a pen and paper handy, and don't forget toys, treats (and clicker if you use one) too! Five minutes before your start time, please click on the appropriate link and you should end up in a "waiting room," where I will admit you at the start of our session. 

After your session: Some sessions are recorded for you to view after, contact us for access. Note any material gained in this way remains the property of Dogworthy, please let us know if you would like to remain private.


  • Try keeping the light source behind the camera, for example face the window

  • Make sure your pup is hungry and have several values of treats with you

  • If you find your pup is too cozy and comfy indoors in the living room, train in a different room or garden

  • Put your pup on a lead if necessary to help them understand it's training time rather than nap time

  • Have several toys ready, perhaps a ball and some tuggy toys 

  • If the connection becomes poor and you can't see/hear, wave your arms to attract the tutor's attention so we can go over what was missed 

  • Alcohol is permitted but not essential, coffe may be more appropriate for early classes

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